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Are You Making These Mistakes With Your Annuity That Can Be Costing You Thousands of Dollars?


  • How a “guaranteed” income rider can end up only paying you 2% (and how to prevent this from happening).
  • Where to find the three hidden fees that could be costing you 55% of your growth or MORE!
  • When a 1% fee actually costs you 21%
  • The single most important annuity guarantee that can determine the overall success of your retirement.
  • What the "Big Four" accounting firms know about your annuity that your agent & insurance company don't.
  • How to increase lifetime income by up to $200,000 using previously unavailable strategies with your annuity.

Are you ready to stop making these mistakes and maximize your annuity? Schedule your FREE, no obligation, no strings attached Annuity Check to see how much you might be losing to these hidden fees.  According to AARP, 8 out of 10 people have no idea about these hidden fees. And that's because these fees are buried in the back in the back of the contract.  Let us help you uncover them.

Our Annuity Check software is designed to help illustrate the full capability of your annuities using our advanced calculation and withdrawal tools. We can show you how your annuity has performed so far (our Snapshot Tool), how it will continue to perform in the future (our Illustration Tool), and how other strategies will perform in comparison.

Your report will give you a comprehensive overview of your annuity results - including Illustrated Rate of Return, Net Growth, and Fees as a Percentage of Growth.

Call (727) 400-3232 and we will schedule your FREE consultation where we will plug you into the software and see exactly where you may be missing out on opportunities, what fees you're paying, and how you can make changes.

After Hours? Need Us To Call You? Fill out the form and we will call you to schedule your Annuity Check.


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